pediatric eye exam

Your Child Needs an Eye Exam

We offer pediatric eye exams in Santa Monica. Every child needs a comprehensive eye exam. Even if your child sees “fine” or if they have recently “passed” a vision screening at their school or even their pediatrician’s office.  The American Optometric Association recommends that children receive their first eye exam between six and twelve months of age, their second between ages three and five, their third before they start first grade and one every year thereafter. This helps ensure early detection of vision and conditions including nearsightedness, lazy eye, congenital cataracts, and eye tumors. 

Vision Screenings Only Check the Basics

Vision screenings are a great tool to identify eye and vision problems, but they are not a substitute for an eye exam. A comprehensive eye exam checks more than just your vision- it also evaluates the health of your eye, your body, and your visual system.  Pediatricians and other general doctors may not learn much about the eye during medical school; meanwhile, optometrists and ophthalmology residents undergo extensive training that is focused on vision and eye health. 

A Missed Diagnosis Can Profoundly Impact Your Child’s Life

Poor vision and eye health can profoundly effect your child’s learning and performance of daily activities. If a problem is missed during a screening and remains undetected, your child may fall behind in school and other activities because they do not see the world the way everyone else does and don’t know how to express this yet. Over time, this can lead to frustration and poor focus, which can be misdiagnosed as ADHD. 

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