how to submit your claim for eye exam santa monica optometrist

Submitting your claim after your eye exam in Santa Monica is easier than you might think. 

Submit an Out of Network Claim Form for Your Eye Exam

You’ll need to download an out-of-network claim form from your insurance/ vision discount plan provider. Here are a few quick links to common providers. Don’t see your provider? Give them a call or go to their website to find out how much you could be reimbursed and to download the appropriate paperwork. 

Attach Your Itemized Receipt 

Make sure to ask Dr. Irina for your itemized receipt after your eye exam. Did you forget your receipt? Contact us for a copy! We can send your receipt to you by mail or leave it for pickup at Montana Eyes. Your itemized receipt will have appropriate codes and information about the services that were rendered so that your insurance can reimburse appropriately. 

Submit both to your insurance provider

Your insurance company will tell you how to submit the claim from your eye exam in Santa Monica. Some even allow you to submit online

Collect Your Reimbursement

Most insurance companies will mail you a check for a portion of your eye exam within 2-3 weeks. 

Need help submitting your claim? We can help you submit your claim after your eye exam! To do so, we will need a bit of your insurance information- so make sure that you bring your insurance card. Our secure online submission system helps us submit out of network claims for you.