subconjunctival hemorrhage

What are the primary causes of eye injury?

Eye injury frequently occurs due to impacts from projectiles or direct blunt force. Auto accidents, sports-related incidents, or even household mishaps can produce injury in or around the eye.  Additional causes include exposure to chemicals or pollutants and foreign bodies in the eye. Eye injuries can also result from improper contact lens care, including inadequate cleaning or corneal scratches from irritants or sloppy insertion and removal.

How are eye injuries addressed?

The treatment approach for eye injuries varies based on the specific nature of the injury. The initial step involves a careful assessment of the eye to determine the most appropriate course of action. Certain injuries respond well to specialized eye drops or oral medications, aiming to reduce inflammation and prevent infections. Bandaging may be necessary in some cases to facilitate proper healing. For more complex injuries, referral to an ophthalmologist might be recommended for a comprehensive evaluation, potentially leading to surgical intervention.

How can I prevent eye injuries?

Preventing eye injuries is key to keeping your eyes healthy, and wearing protective eyewear is a key preventive measure. Whether engaged in sports, specific job activities like construction, or tasks involving exposure to chemicals, wearing protective glasses or goggles is essential. When using power tools, such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, or snow blowers, and participating in sports like biking or rock climbing, protective eyewear is a crucial safeguard.  

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