retinoscopy, eyes, check up-5521411.jpgEye Doctor for Kids- What To Expect During a Pediatric Eye Exam


If you are looking for an eye doctor for kids, you are also likely wondering if their examination may be different from an adult eye exam. The answer is a bit more complex than you think. Here is what you need to know about kids’ optometry visits. 

Some Tests May Look Different

Depending on the child’s age, the assessment of their vision, eye movements, and eye health may look different compared to an adult eye exam. Most kids optometrists try to make the eye examination fun and entertaining in order to keep the child’s attention and encourage cooperation. This might mean games, breaks, stickers, and more! While it may look like a game, your eye doctor diligently assesses your child’s vision, eye movement, focusing ability, eye health, and more! 

Additional Tests

Some children may require additional tests to better assess eye need for glasses and their eye movements. One such test is called cycloplegic refraction, which involves the use of drops that calm down the focusing system. Children have an overactive focusing system which can sometimes mask a vision problem. 

Tips for Scheduling Kids Optometry Visits

As a parent, you know your child’s schedule and moods. Try to schedule an eye exam at a time when your child is alert and in a good mood- this is especially important for younger children. If a child is cranky, tired, or distractable, the eye exam will be more challenging for all involved. Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, the exam may need to be rescheduled for another day in order to get all of the facts that your eye doctor needs to assess your child’s vision. 

Pediatric Eye Exam No Insurance Required

At OptiHealth Optometry, Dr. Irina is happy to see children of all ages. While we are not currently in network with any major eye insurance provider, we can help you submit an itemized receipt to your insurance for reimbursement.

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