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Common Dry Eye Disease Symptoms

    • Redness

    • Sensitivity to light

    • Blurred vision that is intermittent or improves after you “rest your eyes”

    • Pain in or around the eyes
    • Watery eyes

    • Gritty or burning sensation, especially after prolonged computer use or gaming

If you are experiencing any of these dry eye disease symptoms, book your dry eye evaluation in Santa Monica today

 Are you experiencing discomfort, redness, or a gritty feeling in your eyes? It could be a sign of dry eye syndrome. Our Dry Eye Evaluation is designed to identify the root cause of your symptoms and provide personalized solutions for lasting relief.

Causes of Dry Eye Disease

Your tears are a delicate balance of three components; oil, water, and mucus. Each of these components serves its own important function and is produced by its respective set of glands within your eye. A problem with any of these can cause dry eye disease: 

Evaporative dry eye: This is the most common form of dry eye and is due to a tear imbalance that causes your tear film to be uneven over your eye, thus leading to rapid evaporation of tears between blinks. 

Aqueous dry eye: This form is due to a lack of tear production. Usually, it is the watery tear layer that is underproduced. Eye surgery, certain systemic conditions like Sjogren’s Syndrome, or even medications like antihistamines can all cause or aggravate dry eye

A review of your medical and surgical history as well as an analysis of your hobbies and environment can help identify and reduce dry eye causes and triggers.


Why Choose OptiHealth

    • Specialized Expertise: Our eye care professionals have expertise in diagnosing and treating dry eye conditions.

    • Comprehensive Assessment: We use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate the quantity and quality of tears, identify contributing factors, and tailor a treatment plan.

    • Customized Solutions: From lifestyle adjustments to advanced therapies, we provide personalized recommendations for managing and alleviating dry eye symptoms.