SafetyFirework Safety Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable July 4th CelebrationSafety

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As the Fourth of July approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate the stunning fireworks displays that light up the night sky. While fireworks are a spectacular way to celebrate our nation’s independence, they can pose significant risks if not handled properly. To ensure that your Independence Day festivities are enjoyable and safe, here are some essential firework safety tips to remember.

Keeping Your Eyes Cool: Dealing with Dry Eyes in Hot Weather

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As the temperature rises and we prepare for our summer activities, our eyes should be preparing to deal with summer weather and all the irritation it can cause. Here is what you need to know to prepare for summer in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles:

5 Essential Tips for Summer Eye Care

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Summer is almost here, and as we prepare for summer vacation, it is crucial to consider eye health. From harmful sun rays, which are certain to wreak havoc on the eyes, to increased exposure to allergens, summer poses unique challenges for maintaining eye health. Here are five essential tips to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable all summer.

Say Goodbye to Droopy Lids with Upneeq

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OptiHealth Optometry is proud to offer Upneeq! Upneeq is non-invasive and improves droopy eyelids in minutes. Try Upneeq at OptiHealth Optometry – book your eye exam now

Protecting Your Vision: The Importance of Solar Eclipse Eye Safety

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The awe-inspiring phenomenon of a solar eclipse draws millions of spectators worldwide, as the moon gracefully passes between the Earth and the sun, casting a shadow over our planet. Santa Monica and Los Angeles will not see a full solar eclipse, but even a partial eclipse, which will be visible, will be fun to witness. While observing this celestial spectacle, it’s crucial to prioritize eye safety to avoid potential damage to your vision. Here is how to protect your eyes during a solar eclipse. 

What to Expect for Your First Low Vision Exam in Santa Monica

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Low vision can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life, making everyday tasks challenging. Whether you are a patient or healthcare provider, it is important to know that low vision rehabilitation is an option for patients with irreversible vision loss. But what is low vision rehabilitation? But how is a low vision eye exam in Santa Monica different from a regular eye exam? Here’s what you need to know